How to Select Your Alado

Find the length of your boat's forestay in the 2nd column and note the Maximum Foil Length in Column 3 and Stay Diameter in Column 1.


If the length of your boat's forestay is equal to or less than the Maximum Foil Length, then select the Alado Model in the end column.

If the forestay length is greater than the Maximum Foil Length, then use the next larger system and check the Stay Diameter.


Price the System using the See Model Button or go to Buy Now.

Note: Boat Make, Model   Length has no relevance to sizing.

Don't know the Fore Stay Diameter? 

Download our Wire Size Calculator

Guidelines for a perfect installation and sail fit.


New Roller Furling Installations 


Every boat has different deck fittings and configurations that your Alado Roller Furler will easily adapt to. You need exact measurements to ensure a good sail fit.


For optimal fit, once the system is installed, take the final measurement from the Top sheave to the Top of the drum and order your sail.


Replacing a Roller Furling installation.


Remove any existing furler equipment on the forestay. 

The sail you have will allow you to more accurately determine the foil length needed for Luff Size.


Always allow a minimum of 6 inches from the top of the mast and calculate the height from the top of the Drum.


One of the most often asked questions we receive is about the fit of existing or new sails to the foils.

Alado Foils are precisely designed to handle both the most common and custom luff sizes.

Roller Furling Sails are designed using a Luff Tape, which consists of a Bolt Rope inside a Dacron Sleeve.


The Alado Foils have two apertures on each side. The inner aperture allows enough room for the Bolt Rope to fit inside and slide up, while the second aperture AKA "The Gap" allows the sewn Dacron to also slide up while at the same time is small enough to prevent the Bolt Rope from coming out of the Alado Foil horizontally.


Generally speaking "The Gap" can be between 40 to 60% smaller than the Bolt Rope.




Sail Luff Sizing 101 

Luff sizes in North America are traditionally based on fractional measurements of 1/32" of an inch.


A #5 Luff Size is 5/32 of an inch (3.97mm) and a #6 Luff Size is 6/32 of an inch (4.76 mm) with larger or smaller sizes following the same incremental flow.


The actual Luff Size is also based on the Bolt Rope itself and does not take into account the "Finished Luff" which contains the Dacron and the Thread. which can vary with each Sailmaker.


Generally speaking, that adds about .04 inches (1 mm).


Example, a #6 Luff Tape (6/32 0r 4.76mm) is realistically going to be closer to .216 Inches (5.5mm) in size.



Alado Foils are engineered so that each half precisely interlocks while providing the Luff Bolt enough room to slide in, while at the same time the Luff Gap is just large enough to allow the Dacron to slide but small enough to prevent the Bolt Rope from being pulled out by nature's forces.

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