Alado Furler Since 1992

Roller Furling Technology made to last...
100% bearing and swivel free


Installs on deck with no climbing aloft!

For sailboats 20 to 100 feet


 Lifetime Warranty


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Self Supporting & Safe


Alado systems use interlocking aluminum foils. Fully supported by the Deck Fitting, the entire assembly rotates freely on our exclusive permanent stay-clamp. No BEARINGS or SWIVELS to Jam, Break or Maintain.

Our systems are perfect for use on the forestay or behind the mast as a main or mizzen furler.

Forget the Jib Halyard

 Using its own external halyard(s) which you add during installation, the Jib Halyard becomes a spare for lifting a dinghy , securing a broken stay or other things.

Because they are located vertically adjacent to the foils, there is nothing to chafe, and you can visually inspect them on each deployment.

No Maintenance...ever..
We're not kidding.


No parts to lubricate, wash or maintain. Our bearing and swivel FREE system stands the test of years of reliable use around the world. Just ask any Alado user. Each Alado System comes with a  Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser.

Dual Luff Foils
& Feeds

We designed the  Alado foils with Double Luff Feeds so you can optionally use twin sails for great downwind sailing and eliminate the need for special head sails and/or using the main sail and head sails.

 Or just keep the spare luff feed for a backup...the choice is yours.

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