An Overview of Alado Roller Furling

 1. One of the outstanding features of our exclusive design is its amazingly easy installation. Our roller furling systems can be easily self-installed eliminating the high price cost of a professional rigger.

2. The Alado Roller Furler and Reefing System does not use swivels. Instead, it has its own sheaves in order to form a self-contained device that rotates like a solid piece with a minimum of moving parts.

3. There are several systems that claim to provide a good sail shape by means of swivels. Our viewpoint is that these swivels do not avoid the major central part of the sail (between the swivels) being reefed as one single piece of fabric. Furthermore, swivels and ball bearings do not improve a sail's shape. 

4. The use of swivels has been the cause of numerous rig failings and mast collapses in the past. When someone accidentally loosens the furling halyard then you have your halyard free to be wrapped around the forestay. This usually provokes the forestay rupture through a tourniquet effect. Also, suppose that later you decide to install a new headsail with a shorter luff. Then you have to remember to use a line between the head clew of the headsail and the swivel, just to be certain that the swivel is near
the top and the halyard is making a reasonable angle with the headstay in such a way as to minimize the halyard wrap possibilities. The Alado roller furling system eliminates this problem by having the halyard sheaves, in the top foil terminal, rotating with the entire furling system. Therefore, with our system, this accident is impossible to occur.

5. The simple way the Alado Roller Furler and Reefing System drum housing is prevented from rotating by using a short rope to tie the drum housing to a stanchion base, forestay deck fitting, cleat or a dead eye, provides the whole system with an ultimate safety feature against unexpected troubles.

Suppose the furler is working perfectly but someone leaves a stand-alone rope or a cleaning rag on the foredeck. There is a very real possibility that the loose piece might be dragged into the spool by the furling line and make the furling system stuck. Or suppose you are in a hurry and not able to take the slack out of the spool through the drum windows fast enough. By the way, that is the reason our drum has three large windows rather than only one small window like in other roller furlers. In either of these circumstances with the Alado furling, all you have to do is loosen the short rope that ties the drum housing to the foredeck fitting and rotate everything together. The trouble is eliminated.

The Alado Roller Furler and Reefing System was designed not to apply torques over the stay. That is the reason the Alado drum housing is attached to the foredeck fitting rather than to the headstay, as usual in other systems.

6. The Alado Furler is designed to be installed on the existing forestay, and over the existing forestay bottom terminal (rigging screw, turnbuckle, etc.) No rigging modification is required.

7. The Alado Roller Furler and Reefing System is projected to allow you to raise two headsails at the same time, and independently. That is another advantage of using two blocks in the top of the foils instead of a swivel system like most competitors.

8. Wing on Wing was never easier with our Double Luff Feed system. Using two identical head sails downwind sailing is easy.

Our quality, simplicity and value make Alado Furler and Reefing Systems the hallmark of roller furling systems.

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