For many sailors, using a whisker pole to keep the head sail to one side, while using the main sail on opposite tack to fill up the sail is what many refer to as “wing on wing” sailing. 

There will be a loss of energy (air) as it moves between the main sail and the head sail thus not making it ideal for faster speeds. A jibe preventer arrangement is needed to secure the mainsail boom from accidentally violent changes.

Twin Sailing with the Alado Roller Furler

If you are looking for a great, safe way to add power to your downwind sail, you might want to try "true wing on wing" sailing with the Alado Roller Furler. 


Twin roller furler sailing is a technique that involves using two identical headsails on opposite sides of the boat, creating a wing-on-wing configuration that maximizes the sail area exposed to the wind. Both sails can be reefed simultaneously for higher winds.


This will give you more speed, endurance of higher winds and increased stability, as well as addressing the inherent risks of mainsail jibe.


The sails will truly be “wing on wing" to each other on the same forestay.


Other than on a downwind sail, both sails will be on the same tack, creating an inner and outer double sail. The leeward sail will have less pressure on it but is still picking up any stragglers of air that escape from the sail closest hauled.

The advantages of two sails combined becomes an advantage in high winds; Roller reefing two sails not only gives extra sail strength while the “double layer” effect allows higher wind endurance. 

What about stress on the rig or Alado Foils?


Breaking strength is calculated more on connection, not just the wire. The simple rule of common sense is that if the winds are that high that one is worried about reaching breaking strength, it is more than past the time to reef the sails to a degree of less stress on the rigging.


The Alado Roller Furler is a perfect system for twin sailing, as it has **double luff feeds** that allow you to load two headsails and allows you to remove either one easily.

To set up your twin sails with the Alado Roller Furler, you will need two head sails of similar size and shape. 

You will also need to install two permanent external halyards, through the self-contained Top Sheaves and secured onto the drum. 


We recommend that the Dual Halyard Installation be done at the time of installation of your entire Alado System to save you time and effort. Not to worry if you don’t have the second sail yet, you can always sail with one sail and two halyards at any time, adding the second sail at your convenience.

Each head sail will require a separate set of sheets. 


You can use either the same winch for each sheet or add an additional winch.

You can furl or reef either sail as needed, using the furling line on the drum.


Twin sailing with the Alado Roller Furler can be a fun and efficient way to sail downwind, especially on long passages or in light winds. It can also reduce the wear and tear on your sails and rigging, as well as your workload and stress. 

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