Alado makes Main & Mizzen Reefing Easy & Affordable

     "Behind the mast" makes a comeback!

One of the greatest advantages of Alado Furling is it's SIMPLE and Common Sense design that allows for installations of all types.


Removing the hurdles of complex support systems that may require re-engineering of connection fittings (which most often require time spent aloft), Alado Furling asks for nothing more than a clean "stay" to ride on and a support base to handle the weight of the sail, foils, base and top.


 Did you know that a sail can weigh much more than the entire Alado Roller Furling system?


In the 1980's "behind the mast" furling systems were developed based on the same concepts as many Jib Furlers were; utilizing bearings and in some cases replacing the entire stay with their own structure.


 Those old "behind the mast" systems eventually lost popularity to the present day "in mast" systems...which in our observation have their own set of complexities. Just ask anyone that can't deploy, retract or has ripped their sail to shreds and can't get it out of the mast without going aloft.


Alado's popularity as a simple, maintenance free system and it's value pricing has once again made "Behind the mast" roller furling acceptable to many users.


Alado's  SIMPLE and Common - Sense Design allows installation on an "Aft Mast Stay"... a length of stay wire from the top of the aft mast to a simple fabricated bracket above the boom and on the mast.


Deploying the Alado Roller Furler on the mast is easily accomplished by pulling on the Clew of the sail. This can be easily set up using a cheek or fair head block at the end of the boom. An optional boom winch can be added.


Retracting the Alado Roller Furler is done by pulling the control line to bring the sail in.


Reefing ahead of strong winds is easily accomplished and offers a level of safety for the crew or a single handed skipper.


No matter what type of sailing you do, the Alado will provide a cost effective solution.


Selection of the Alado System uses the same method as for the forestay. 


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