Endless Loop - Preferred


Follow this diagram to make an endless loop for downhaul and uphaul. Tie off the excess line at the drum.

Simple yet Effective


Since the Alado is designed to rotate freely, the sail is hauled up and down by its own halyard system which rotates with the system. By not using a swivel at the top, there is zero risk of twisting the halyard and causing it to eventually break. 

Use 1 halyard for each sail.


Cut off Method

Haul the sail up and leaving about 5 feet, cut off the excess line. Simply join the line you cut off to use as a doen haul.


How Alado Halyards work

External halyards offer visibility and no chafing or wear. They can be installed in one of two methods and sit vertically alongside the foils.

Its "Alado" Roller Furling for the Price!"