Dreaded Halyard Wrap

...and why it can't happen to Alado

Rigging failure can be to sailing what a structural aircraft failure can be to an airplane.

In both cases, these failures can be attributed to either (a) poor maintenance (b) poor design or both.


Halyard wrap is a result of the design in many roller furler systems using a device known as a Halyard Swivel in combination with the use of a forward halyard which hoists the head sail upwards.


For various reasons including installation and  failure of the swivels, the halyard can twist, chafe and wear through and in many cases, wear right through the wire, causing catastrophic failure of the mast.


Many manufacturers have focused on "building a better swivel" to market rather than focus on the "cause and effects of the design. We'll leave our opinion at the door as to why, but the result usually ends up with a patch solution added to a sub-par design.


At AladoFurler.com we choose to engineer a fully 360-degree rotational Halyard system that eliminates the possibility of Halyard Wrap and the ensuing potential rigging failure.


Another great advantage of the AladoFurler.com design is that the boat's Jib Halyard is free for other tasks such as lifting a dinghy or heavy objects on board the forward side.


See Sail Tensioning for more details







Halyard Wrap

A classic example of how easy it is the halyard to wrap around the stay.

Alado Top Assembly

The all-inclusive Alado Top Assembly allows the halyard(s) to run up fore and aft of the Foils.  

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