Alado Furler USA (our story)


Every Alado System is carefully engineered and designed to bring you a lifetime of performance and peace of mind.  It's simplicity of design means that there are no swivels to twist halyards and no bearings to fail when you need them most. Our Luff Foils are in 5 foot- shapes and interlock together, providing the strongest foil possible.


Regardless of whether you assemble your Alado Roller Furling yourself or pay someone to install it; you will be happy with the very short time and ease of installation without having to climb the mast.


Our system is compatible with all deck fittings and swages and requires no special top end connectors. Simply use the bare forestay.


As an Alado User you are part of a worldwide network of sailors  (cruisers and racers alike) who trust and depend on Alado's bullet proof reliability.


We provide a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser of each Alado System. Your system is carefully inspected and shipped by Fedex  from our Factory in about 5 business days. NO HASSLE


Starting as a customer myself, and putting over 20,000 Nautical Miles and still counting on my Alado Roller Furler System on KYAN II,  I believed so much in the Alado Roller Furler , that I became  dedicated to providing our sailing community with the safety ,value  and technical support of  Alado Roller Furler.


Welcome to the Alado Roller Furler  family.

Fair Winds,




 Alado Furler USA



Its "Alado" Roller Furling for the Price!"