For more than three decades, Alado Furler USA has manufactured the highest quality reefing and furling headsail systems available. Our standards of excellence are known around the world, with customers in Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Chile, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand and the USA. 

Our systems are ruggedly engineered yet so simply designed to handle the toughest of situations, whether on lake, ocean or sea with little worry about failures.

 All our products carry a Lifetime Warranty. Yet, our simplicity of design makes them maintenance free and the easiest to install.

Alado is designed to be installed on deck and is easy to handle.


Dan S. New Jersey "Simple yet very high-quality product easy to install."

         "We eventually replaced the furler for our yankee with a model from Alado, a company in Brazil. Their design eliminates fasteners in the joints between foils, and the furling drum rides above the bottom terminal on the forestay. That facilitates rig adjustments and pre-passage inspections. Also, the halyards are run through sheaves in the terminal block at the top of the furler so there is no halyard from the mast to the sail. This eliminates the risk of halyard wrap."


S.Kirsch, Commodore GLYC "Yesterday was my first tryout of the Alado Furling System on Lake St. Clair and the system was flawless; worked very fine and smooth. Anyone in Michigan who would like to see the unit is welcome to contact me anytime."


Practical Sailor Magazine - "Weve so far put the Alado through its paces during five months of coastal cruising and daysailing. A short-handed crew has used it to furl a 120-percent genoa and to reef the sail as much as 90 percent. This testing has shown that the halyard tension of the thin-line system is perfectly adequate, and the units furling ease matches that of much more costly competitors. "


 Alfred M. "My boat is a 1981 Lancer Motorsailer which came with the sail configuration,  having an aft mast furling sail. I replaced a CDI system which was the original and starting to fall apart. No parts available. I needed a system with a halyard that was attached to the furler only. Your Alda system required some modifications at the bases but have been great since installing. "



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