Self Supporting & Safe

Alado Roller Furler systems are self supported on the forestay. The Top Sheaves , Interlock Foils and Drum Assembly are connected as one assembly  and rest and rotate  on the shoulder of the bottom deck fitting using a drum bushing and stay clamp to prevent coming off the stay.

Self Tensioning External Halyards

Forget the Jib Halyard; Tension it's own , free-turning external halyard(s) between the Top and Bottom Assemblies. Never uses the jib halyard or adds tension to the forestay. This halyard is part of the entire system and is adjacent to the foils, allowing the system to rotate freely and because it is external, nothing to chafe.

At Alado Furler, we're extremely dedicated to making your experience with us a happy and easy one.

We realize that installing roller furling can sound overwhelming. For that reason, when you purchase your Alado Roller Furling from us, you get 100% Telephone Support before, during and after your Installation. Even though there is no "ledge" to talk you off, we are there for you regardless.

Most  customers manage to install their Alado System in less than two hours and are surprised at how easy it really is, but as we all know in sailboat projects; expect the unexpected.

Send us pictures of your existing rig and tell us how you sail...we will give you an honest opinion of how the Alado will work for you and advise you on installation.


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No Maintenance..Ever

Dual Luff Foils

We're not kidding. Alado Roller Furling  uses no swivels that can  jam halyards, no bearings to rust or fail over time ...No parts to lubricate and nothing to adjust.

Alado Roller Furling designed the foils with Double Luff Feeds so you can optionally use twin sails for great downwind sailing and eliminate the need for special head sails and/or using the main sail and head sails.

 Using twin sails on any reach also offers you greater laminar air flow and optimizes your sail power.